Saturday, 11 January 2014


This time of year tends to be a quiet time for artist so they tend to spend their time getting organised for the new year, booking shows, planning new work, sorting out paperwork. I spent most of the week crawling around a pub, the Crafty Crow, but without any drink (other than tea) involved. The pub is currently closed and undergoing building work. I was let loose with the sandpaper and there's not many places I haven't been rubbing down. One wall is very damp and the plaster fell off. So with angle-grinder and wire brush I created a 'feature'! Nice rough brick work.

I also viewed some land. Maybe the future base of the frailloop empire?

I did find time to be in the studio for some new work.

Planning? Next week. When I'm not in the pub. Or taking a second look at the land. Or ...

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