Saturday, 18 January 2014

Not a lot of studio time this week, but three commissions done. If you would like a doorstop just email me... The Crafty Crow is coming along although opening may need to be pushed back a little as the landlord needs to fix the leaky roof. (Or it'll be a water feature!). The pub sign is resting on the studio floor at the moment. At a later date the crow logo may be added to the outside but for the time being its just the 'crafty crow' lettering at needs to be fitted over the door. Can't post that picture until its been seen by those who are paying the bill.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


This time of year tends to be a quiet time for artist so they tend to spend their time getting organised for the new year, booking shows, planning new work, sorting out paperwork. I spent most of the week crawling around a pub, the Crafty Crow, but without any drink (other than tea) involved. The pub is currently closed and undergoing building work. I was let loose with the sandpaper and there's not many places I haven't been rubbing down. One wall is very damp and the plaster fell off. So with angle-grinder and wire brush I created a 'feature'! Nice rough brick work.

I also viewed some land. Maybe the future base of the frailloop empire?

I did find time to be in the studio for some new work.

Planning? Next week. When I'm not in the pub. Or taking a second look at the land. Or ...

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

So another year begins and again I will try to blog on a more regular basis than I managed last year. I'll start full of good intent, and then slowly decline... Sometimes I get caught up in a commission and feel I can't publish pictures before the client has seen the work. Sometimes life as a struggling artist takes a back seat while I go and do a few days paid work. Sometimes my life is so uninteresting self censorship steps in.

However onwards and upwards. Just like this fellow...