Friday, 29 April 2011

sorry no photos...

My laptop has taken sick. Nice man at computer shop said they don't make clockwork ones these days, so I should consider a new one. Didn't say I have one right here for only... No photos until I can get the next one sorted.
Lots of completed work. Cat on a tall panel. Dog standing on his hind legs looking through a short panel. Couple of tall flowers. A hanging sign (to be completed by Garry Jones).
Now how do I hang a landrover door from a wall? Needs to be open a foot too. Another one to watch out for - again to be completed by Garry.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Ant on the road

At the crack of Dawn this 'little' ant was loaded on to the trailer and hauled North. It was a shame I was off to Donington to pick up the pieces - it would have been wonderful to follow it up the M1 just to see how people reacted... Thanks Drew!

Monday, 11 April 2011

life after bctf

Glad thats over... No orders but lots of interest. Normally I take a wander around the show and see something that makes me go WOW. And vote for it for an award. This year - nothing. There were lots of individual pieces that were good, but not to the standard of previous years. One or two stands I could not understand why they were there. I don't want to advertise them otherwise I would point the finger of shame!
Onwards and upwards. Follow up on the chance to exhibit some larger pieces around the country - so watch out for more news.
Next event will be the Derby Open Art Trail at the end of May. Come and see me at work...